MTA Proposed New Bus Routes


$4.9 Million in Enhancements Planned for Routes in All Five New York City Boroughs

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New routes, extensions and stops are among the bus enhancements customers will get to use on Sunday, August 31. One example will be the M12 route on the Far West Side of Manhattan to meet a demand for public transportation in an area of Manhattan that has experienced significant residential and commercial growth.
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) works with communities to provide affordable public transportation options to neighborhoods with growing transit needs. The extension of theBx24 to the Hutchinson Metro Center in the Bronx is an example of how New York City Transit (NYCT) works with residents, businesses and elected officials to address a need as well as to increase service on a route with potential ridership growth.
Other changes, such as moving bus stops in the densely populated neighborhood of Flushing, Queens, were made at the request of the community to help alleviate congestion and make commutes easier for customers.
“New York City changes all the time, and we must keep up by making accommodations and adding service when the need arises,” said NYCT President Carmen Bianco. “We are committed to improving reliability and service for our customers in all five boroughs.”  
The $4.9 million in service enhancements are:
B13, B83, Q8 extensions
All three routes will be extended to a new bus terminal at Gateway Center II (Gateway Center North) in the Spring Creek area of Brooklyn.
Bx24 extension
The route will be extended from Westchester Square to the end of Marconi Street by the 911 Call Center in the Hutchinson Metro Center. The extension adds four eastbound stops and four westbound at the Metro Center.
The new service will accommodate customers along 11th and 12th Avenues between Abington Square in the West Village and Columbus Circle, an area that has been developing rapidly. The northern terminal will be on West 58th Street at Broadway. The southern terminal will be on Eighth Avenue at Jane Street.
Q17, Q27 terminal relocations
The terminals for both routes in downtown Flushing will be relocated from Main Street between 39th Avenue and Roosevelt Avenue to138th Street between 39th and 37th Avenues.
Q113 Local becomes Q114 Limited
The Q113 local route will be restructured as the Q114 Limited to provide faster service to customers traveling a long distance along Guy R. Brewer Boulevard in South Jamaica and Rochdale Village. The new Q114 route will make limited stops on the Boulevard, then all local stops along Brookville Boulevard and through WoodmereCedarhurstInwood, Lawrence and Far Rockaway. During overnight hours, it will make all local stops along Guy R. Brewer Boulevard. The Q113 Limited will continue its limited-stop service from Jamaica through Far Rockaway, and the Q111 will continue to make all local stops from Jamaica through Rosedale.
S93 service additions (begins on Sept. 2)
Midday and evening service will be added to the limited-stop route that travels between Bay Ridge in Brooklyn and the College of Staten Island. Buses will run between 5:45 a.m. and 10 p.m.
X21 Super Express (service begins on Sept. 2)
The Super Express concept is coming to Eltingville in Staten Island via the X21, which will travel to Midtown Manhattan along 42nd Street.  It will operate during morning and evening peak hours, making a limited number of stops and offering a faster commute for many customers of existing Staten Island express buses. The terminal in Manhattan will be located on East 41 Street and First Avenue. The Staten Island terminal will be located in the Hylan Boulevard bus loop on Richmond Avenue.

M12 and X21 are Proposed New Routes
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has scheduled a public hearing in midtown Manhattan where attendees are invited to comment on the implementation of two new bus routes and service improvements to three existing routes.  The hearing will be held at 5:30 p.m., Wednesday, May 14, at MTA Headquarters, 347 Madison Ave., in the 5th floor board room.
The proposed new services are the M12, a new local bus route operating between Columbus Circle and the West Village in Manhattan.  The M12 would run between the southern terminal at 8th Avenue and Jane Street and the northern terminal would be at West 58th Street and 7th Avenue.  The M12 would operate seven days a week, running every 30 minutes between 7:00 am and 10:00 pm.  This service is planned to begin operating in September 2014.
The second new route, designated the X21, will be a new express bus operating between Eltingville in Staten Island and Midtown Manhattan.  The route’s southern terminal would be at Richmond Avenue and Hylan Boulevard in Staten Island and operate to 42nd Street and First Avenue.  The X21 would operate with five trips from Staten Island to Manhattan during the morning peak period and five trips from Manhattan to Staten Island during the evening peak period.  This service is planned to begin operating on September 2, 2014.
Additionally, service on three routes, including restoration of weekend service on the M8 and Q31 and the start of Sunday service on the Q77 began April 6 on an experimental basis.
The additions to M8 service provide a direct link between the East Village and West Village with buses operating between 7 a.m. and 1 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.  In Queens, the Q31 now operates on Saturdays between 8:20 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. and on Sundays from 9:10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.  Bus customers who use the Q77 now benefit from full weekend service with the start-up of Sunday service in addition to existing Saturday service.  Sunday service will run between 6:55 a.m. to 10:09 p.m.

Latest Round of Bus Service Improvements Starts Sunday

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MTA New York City Transit and MTA Bus Company will improve bus service throughout New York City by adding and extending service on multiple bus routes beginning Sunday, June 29. These changes will restore routes and improve connections throughout the MTA’s surface transportation network, making travel easier for more than 2.5 million daily bus riders. These changes include restoring some services that were reduced or eliminated during 2010’s budget cuts, as well as new expansions to better serve customers and neighborhoods across the city.

"Restoring earlier service cuts while at the same time extending service along several routes is great news for us to share," said New York City Transit President, Carmen Bianco. "These enhancements were all a result of listening to our customers and keeping close watch on changing ridership trends."

The MTA is continuously working with communities in order to develop new services to address transit needs in growing and changing neighborhoods.  On Sunday June 29, the following service improvements and enhancements will be implemented:

B8, B37, B70,

As part of the 2013 Service Investments, both new and improved service will be implemented along three routes serving customers in Brooklyn. 

·         B8 service will operate between the Brooklyn Veterans Administration Hospital and the Bay Ridge-95 St R Subway Line Icon station at all times. 

·         B37 service will run along 3rd Avenue between Bay Ridge and Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center Station. 

·         B70 service will be rerouted between 92nd Street / 7th Avenue and Bay Ridge Avenue / 8th Avenue. 


In response to community requests for a one-seat ride throughout Co-op City, the Bx23 route is being adjusted to provide one-bus service to all five sections of Co-op City, at all times.  This change discontinues the current weekday peak period shuttle trips.  Bx23 customers will now have direct bus service between the Pelham Bay Park 6 Subway Line Icon Station and all five sections of Co-op City, seven days a week.  This change is one of the recommendations of a study of bus service and performance in Co-op City prepared by MTA Bus and NYCT.


As part of our on-going efforts to make bus service more accessible to customers in Co-Op City, the Bx28 will be rerouted to use the Asch Loop around Bartow Mall.  Overnight Bx28 service will not change.


The Q19 will be extended west from its current western terminus on Astoria Boulevard at 21st Street to the East River waterfront on 27th Avenue at 2nd Street. This change offers service along the full length of Astoria Boulevard, improving transit access between eastern and western Queens, and provides additional transit options to the growing areas of western Astoria.


To provide faster, more reliable service, the Q102 in Astoria will be adjusted to remain on 30th Avenue between Crescent Street and 8th Street.  The bus stops on Crescent Street, Newtown Avenue and Astoria Blvd will be relocated to 30 Avenue.  All bus stops along Astoria Blvd will be served by the Q19 instead, with connections to the N Subway Line IconQ Subway Line Iconat the Astoria-Ditmars Blvd subway station.


A bus stop will be added on Co-op City Boulevard at Dreiser Loop to improve customer access to this busy section of Co-op City. This change is one of the recommendations of a study of bus service and performance in Co-op City prepared by MTA Bus and NYCT.


To meet the requirements of a rapidly growing area with lots of residential construction, Q103 service will now operate on Saturdays and Sundays, and operate later on weekday evenings.  Service currently operates weekday daytimes and early evenings only. With this change we are able to respond to requests for increased transit service in the growing areas of western Queens along the waterfront including Hunters Point, the Noguchi Museum, and Socrates Sculpture Park. The Q103 connects to the Vernon Boulevard-Jackson Avenue 7 Subway Line Icon  train station and the 21St-Queensbridge F Subway Line Icon train station.


As part of the 2013 Service Investments, the M100 will be rerouted in Inwood via Dyckman Street and 10th Avenue.  This reroute will serve the Dyckman Street commercial corridor as well as residences and schools along 10th Avenue. 

For the most updated travel information, customers may visit our website at to sign up for free email and text message alerts, or dial 511for MTA customer service and travel information.  Customers may also subscribe to MTA BusTime at which provides the locations of buses on every bus route in New York City in real time via smart phone, web and text message.